Yuuki Alice
NameYuuki Alice
Nickname(s)Pup, Kiki
BirthdayApril 20
SpeciesWinter Wolf
ParentsSly and Devlin Alice
Professional life
PositionJacob's Personal Assistant
OOC information
CreatedDecember 2014

Yuuki is a winter wolf and was brought by Devlin as a present to Sly. He now live on the ship in the engine with all of the engine workers.

Talents and Skills Edit

  • Can freeze thing only by touching them with his bare hands. But Yuuki wears special gloves to keep him from doing so
  • He is able to take apart, fix, improve, or add on to any small weapon offered to him.
  • Mind reader

Weapons Edit

  • Piper - Out of boredom one day he grabbed some spare pipes that had been laying about. Not really having anyway to defend himself but using his freezing abitity but touching, he decided to make a weapon. He welded the pipes together in a T shape. Insde the top part of the weapon is a posionus spike that can move to either side, by the way it moved.

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Yuuki is able to read the minds of certain people. Though his power is very weak over a long period of time it will strenghten
  • Though Yuuki is a winter wolf, in is human form only by touching with his hands is he able to freeze things to the point of just light tapping could shatter them. 

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Being only 3 and a half years old has basic knowelagde of the world. His main education lays with the engines and cybernetic robots due to watching Jacob closely.

Goals Edit

Shortterm: Travel for as long as he possibly can on the ship.

Longterm: N/a

Personality Edit

Sweet and Kind. Does what he is told without any back talk

Weaknesses Edit

Wolf ears if touched. Belly rubbs when in wolf form.

Beliefs Edit


Appearance Edit

Yuuki stand tall at 5ft 6in. He is slim but muscular thanks to the work he does on the ship. His hair is as white as snow and long enough to cover this pale blue eyes. His pale skin bares no scars yet. His wolf are are prieced because he likes how his boss has prieced ears. but instead of having plunges, Yuuki has bars and keys dangling from them.

Relationships Edit

Parents Edit

Though taking from his pack at a very young age, Yuuki does remember that he wasn't always on the ship. But to him sly is his mother and Devlin is his father.

Friendships Edit

Jacob - Boss

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