In the harsh Winters of Nordheim, the creatures known as the Lycathropes or also known as Werewolfes is the most feared to encounter in the snow. A beeing that the most likely be a the spawn of the God of hunt itself, they are feared and disliked greatly among the Northern tribes for their immense Hunger and advanced senses, as well as their inhuman strengh, reflexes and speed. But not all of them fell victim to the savage mind of an animal and they spread over the world, thanks to their power of returning into a humanoid shape. Taking their home mainly in the cold reigons of the World, they are known for beeing great Hunters and weapons craftsmen.

The colour of their Fur is usualy bound to the environment they are born in.Worshiping the God of Hunt and the God of wether. they are skilled in survival even in some of the most vicious parts of nature able to withstand extreme cold. Just like normal Humans they can be born with high or low IQ but they are rarely educated as such. Making them mostly only the leaders of the clan they are born in. As Maori they are able to change their bodys into humanoid shape, each of them individual and unique to their person.. Also they are able to wield Magic, but rarely do so due to the rare eductaion in such. Those who make it into society usually become literally lone wolfes, due to growing up in harsh clans that abandon the weak and unfitted to hunt. But not all turn out cold as the land they originally came from.

An example of this would be Kibaleen Greymark

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • The moon


  • Silver


Lycanthropes ( Werewolfes)

Cauol or Maori: Maori
Origins: Nordheim
Average Lifespan:  100-150 human years
Average I.Q.:  75-115 ( high intelligence rare due to animalistic nature)
Average Height:  7- 8.5 feet( as a Wolf in average) 6- 7 feet (as Human)
Average Weight:  up to 300 lb ( as Wolf) about 225- 290 ( as Human due to change in Body form)
Average Strength:  able to lift up to 3000 lb (arms) and 4500 lb (legs)
Average Speed:  high speed and agility due to their animal like nature
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Augustirin ( God of Hunt/ gathering/faming)

Sephiliarin ( Trickster God )

Therrynus ( God of weather)

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