In the in the deep jungles, dry grasslands and burning desserts of Soumi, creatures known as the Ahaayeen Maukulaal or Werecats are found. A creature that was likely be a the creation of the Aritoboe  to just be the large felines to roam the terrain but the demi gods, known as Gisiyeed oo wajiga dhintay or GiSi, decided to have some of them be born with the ability to turn into humans thus creating the Werecats. Once the werecats became more human like, very few of them fell victim to the vicious mind of that of an animal. They are thinly spread out over the world. Taking their home mainly in the dead grasslands and jungles of the world, they are known for being great healers, warriors and farmers.

An example of this would be Nemelphia

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit



Name         Ahaayeen Maukulaal "WereCat"

Cauol or Maori:
Origins: Soumi
Average Lifespan:  100 to 150 years
Average I.Q.:  85 to 120 (high intelligence)
Average Height: (human form) 5' 5 to 6 ft (Cat form) All fours if 3 ft to 4ft up to the shoulder and on back legs is 5 ft to 6ft.
Average Weight:  about 145 lbs to 180 lbs (human) And 170 lbs to 200 lbs (Cat form)
Average Strength: Higher then a human but lower then a Werewolf.
Average Speed: High speed and agility due to the animal like nature.
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation: 

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