After closing of the Paradise Realm Quest, the roleplay was timeskipped forward by 3 years. In these 3 years your characters development, who comes and who goes. This is purely up to you. However ofcourse a small group of adventurer's will not stay quiet for long pon the 7 seas. It is time to find a new quest. And this is up to you. Have your idea's get creative, there is no right or wrong response. Plot holes can be filled if some are left. Add asmuch detail as you want to give myself a better outline of what you expect.

I need to know.

The Quests Breif: Tell us what the main quest is about in a few simple sentances/paragraphs.

Timescale: Does this mission have a set time scale or is it continuous ect.

Idea's for Boss's/Enemy's: What time of monsters will the group face.

Idea's for Challenges/Trials: What type of challenges will the quest hold to make it unique.

Other mentionable details:

Comment in the area below with your replies. Thankies. Edit

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