Telekineticy are like the benders born in sync to the world around them, though while an elemental bender will work with the elements around them and a metal bender move metals, the Telekineticy work with everything solid available. Depending on their mental strenght they can pick up a cup without moving by themselves, tie a rope without having to be near or even fight without having to be near their weapon. As they do need to focus on the object(s) they are moving using these abilities in battle is harder and will require more concentration and focus then out of battle.

An example of an Telekineticy is Laura Delaney

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit Edit


  • If strong enough, they can make very stealthy combatants
  • Dont have to be near to an object to pick it up or handle it
  • Can be born of any race


  • Using their abilities extensively lowers their awareness of the world around them
  • If not well trained, the objects can fall or move out of control.
  • Can not move objects that are worn or held by someone.

Edit Edit


Pynthar Dragon

Cauol or Maori: Caoul
Origins: Regalis
Average Lifespan:  Depending or orgin race
Average I.Q.:  Depending on orgin race
Average Height x length:  depending on orgin race
Average Weight:  depending on orgin race
Average Strength:  depending on orgin race
Average Speed:  depending on orgin race
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Data

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