Sverre Bjerkersønn
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NameSverre Bjerkersønn
Birthday11th september
NationalityPlanklands, Østfold
ParentsLars Bjerkersønn and Mona Bjerkerdatter
Sibling(s)Randi, Geir, Sigurd, Runar, Oddvar, Rutt, Silje
PartnerMathilde(desceased) Ylva(desceased) Edna(desceased) Monica(desceased)
Children7 four alive
Professional life
Positionartist: drawings, paintings, tattoos.
OOC information
Statusaliiiiiiiiive.both me and the character

Sverre bjerkersønn is a half-elf clansman hailing from the Bjerker clan of Østfold, An artist and a hunter, he travels the seas to find his next drawing and his next painting. but above all he wants to find a place to call home. for staying home in the clanslands was never his thing. he's a very proud clansman however, and often talks about the clans.

Talents and Skills Edit

  • A master artist, he draws and paints photo-realistic drawings and paintings, he also do tattoos, carvings and other forms of making pictures. A skilled hunter too,, he's good at sneaking and surviving in nature.

Magic: he can summon forth elemental items like fire-balls and small items, he can also mix them into throwing weapons. but usually he just summons forth paper to write notes on.

Weapons Edit

  • Hunting flintlock rifle.
  • two daggers.
  • quill

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Good with a rifle as his clan is hunters and mountaineers. Skilled enough to shoot yer dead from a range.
  • stabby stabby knives for melee.while not as good with a knife as a rifle he can still defend himself.
  • Can summon elemental things like fire-balls and throws them, he can also summon throwing weapons with elemental buffs.

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Can read and write runes and latin letters(normal letters). . his intelligence is above average,

Goals Edit

Sverre Bjerkersønn's goal is to see the world, and then return home to Østfold to show his clansmen that killing eachother over everything from honour to what they believe in or what clan they are from are not the way of the future.

Personality Edit

He's a honest, mannered if awkward person. He can however get angry if you talk badly about the clans, especially his own clan. Other then that he may

Weaknesses Edit

his strongest weakness is his will to draw or paint everything.

he's not very good in melee combat outside his knives.

pride in his clan can make him act very reckless.

His book is of a fallen god, sometimes making him bloodthirsty.

Beliefs Edit

Augustirin, the godess of the hunt. and the Theragor the god of War.

Appearance Edit

He wears his clan-kilt, a yellow west under a brown jacket, boots and a flintlock rifle. the rifle and kilt comes from Østfold, his hat he stole from a traveler once, his swirling green eyes shows he know magic, if this is a born or taught skill is however unknown. he got long blonde hair and a dark blonde beard. On his back he have a dragon-tattoo and on his left arm he got a pirate tattoo along with a long list of other tattoos too, some magic, some not.

Relationships Edit

All his blood-relatives are in the Bjerker clan, except a few, his father is a plumdonian who became part of the clan. making his father's family also clansmen of the bjerker clan.One of the few Østfoldian clans with a foothold in plumdonia.


Background Edit

Sverre have lived for 80 years. he have traveled all over nordheim, educated at a university in plumdonia. Other then that its not that much.

Got his book from an orcen seller from Götaland Sverige(sweden) the book have followed him everywhere he went.

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