Skeletons are fallen creatures that have been summoned from beyond the grave normally of fallen warriors on battles of long past. Skeletons can remember of their past but are faint memories. They are reanimated by dark magic powers. Skeletons follow their master's orders without question Necromancers, Liches or Vampires usually command them. Skeletons have also risen from, the teeth of a Hydra (see mythical beasts section) to do their bidding for their mistress, as written in the Greek legend Jason and the Argonauts. Hordes of Skeletons can also be seen in the film "Evil Dead III - The Army of Darkness".

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Strengths & Weaknesses Edit



Cauol or Maori:
Average Lifespan: 
Average I.Q.: 
Average Height: 
Average Weight: 
Average Strength: 
Average Speed: 
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation

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