Ofcourse like all roleplay, this one also has its share of romance. And although it is said to be more fun to have a friendship and/or fuck buddies ect, romance can be saught after, expecially when there is some characters in relationships within the room. However saying this please do not feel that romance makes the roleplay. And please make a relationship realistic, they last longer and both persons will not get bored so fast of the status. There is also nothing stopping a couple from having a background that requires flashback scenes.

Below will be listed of the on ship couples and the status.

Kura-Skye Edwards


Demetri Caleb Everett


Fumaii Baudouin (EbonyAequitas) Abel Baudouin (RebellionAequitas) MARRIED
Laura Delaney (CeriAequitas) Kala Kamosh (SapphireAequitas) IN A RELATIONSHIP
15th baam / Faelon Erierith Versperus (FaelAequitas Lowell Grail Alabaster (EbonyAequitas) IN A RELATIONSHIP

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