Please check the Septimo NPC Character Log to see if your character was effected within any of the role play.

03/06/2015 - Attack on ship.
IvoryAequitas/EbonyAequitas, FaelAequitas, SirSlenderSloth, RebellionAequitas, SitalaAequitas, TheLostAequitas, BjornAequitas.

Wounded: Anyone within the infirmary, Engines or Stores.

Deaths: (other than NPC) Those bed bound in infirmary

Brief: After noticing a few persons in a shipwreck, the crew was quick to help. Upon closer inspection they saw it was the Ex-Captain Scorpia Darkhart with a male and two children, all chained to the wreck. While their attention was fixated on the wreck, 8 figures made their way onto the Septimo and planted explosives within the Infirmary, Engines and stores. The figures were all killed in the following explosions, but it was later revealed that 10 people were behind the attack. The whereabouts of the other 2 remain unknown.


  • The infirmary is destroyed. No medical equipment, all bandages and such to be makeshift and all medicines to be herbal.
  • Ships stores are destroyed. Food stocks are low, no livestock.
  • The engines are faulty and the workers will set up emergency power when they are able to return to work. (Bar was not harmed)
  • Tower - Makeshift infirmary. Beds have been made and set up.

Action Taken:

  • Group plan has been made in order to speed the ship up on its way to Spain.
  • Elementalists will use their abilities to decrease pullback of the water against the ship and allow it to move faster.(Raven)
  • Elemental benders will work together to create a giant oae in order to move the ship forward with greater force. (Venus & Zero)
  • Necromancers will summon any surrounding deceased in the waters and use them to accelerate the ship. (Abel, Lowell, Kodie)
  • Sapphire will use his ability of flight and his strength to pull the ship along. (Sapphire)
  • Shapeshifters will also use their abilities to help pull the ship along. (Xavier, Robin, Jake.)

Please note: Kura called a meeting involving ALL crew, everyone will be aware of what has happened and the changes.

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