This is a place where you can decide what happens to your OC should you be inactive for a long or short period of time. When you are absent from your PC this allows your character to be used as an NPC and therefore can be controlled to an extent for the period of your absence. An example of this would be someone putting your character to bed if they have fallen asleep. This page is here for you to be able to control if, and how they can be manipulated when you are offline.

Please note: Saying yes to NPC does not allow people to play your character. It does however make your character approachable if you are offline. For example if a medic is needed, someone could say 'approaches the doctor who then cares for the wounds' etc.

Septimo Notable Roleplay Log

Septimo Character NPC If I crash/long term AFK If I short-term break If I longterm break


Kura-Skye Everett No Returned to her room to attend duty's and paper work. Doing paperwork within her room, if docked then exploring

towns/attending meetings.

Will be discussed when/if time was to come.
Diana Viccars Yes Returns to acting as a medic Acting as a medic Will be discussed when/if time was to come.
Kodielia Alabaster No Returns to Engine Work Engine Work Will be discussed when/if time was to come.
Fumaii Baudouin Yes Returns to being upon the tail of the ship as lookout. Upon the tail of the ship as look out Will be discussed when/if time was to come.
Jacob Jenkinson No Returns to engine work/Workshop work Engine work/Workshop work Will be discussed when/if time was to come.
Lowell Alabaster Yes Turns into a puppy. Is a puppy around ship. Will be discussed when/if time was to come.


Abel Baudouin No Tending to his duties as co-captain, Navigational work. Goes to his quarters to work/ Goes to tend to his duties Will be discussed when/if time was to come.
Demetri Everett Yes Returns to doctor duties. Tending to patients, updating paperwork ect. Will be discussed when/if time was to come.
Venus Everett Yes Returns to her medic duties. Working on herbs and medicines in infirmary, treating patients, making tea Will be discussed if/when time was to come.
Xavier Descartes No Returns to Engine work. Engine work, Inventing stuff Will be discussed if/when time was to come
SapphireAequitas Sapphire the Gentle
Kala Kamosh
Raze Phoenix
RecklessAequitas Audrey E.Whiton Nah IS checking on supplies, showing newbs to their dormitories, fucking someone in the engine room, getting drunk. Ran to get something out of her room Will be discussed if/when time was to come
Ambrose Whiton Yeh Will be discussed if/when time was to come
Amaya Okumura yeh Sleeping in the rafts, on the couch, or she's in the kitchen making tea, or in the infirmary helping out. If we are docked, she's out to get meat. Ran off to find her mice. Will be discussed if/when time was to come


15th baam / Faelon Yes Unusual (usual) behavior, spazzing around the ship and working out, or headed back to Sir Demetri within the infirmary. Either with Sir Demetri tending to infirmary duties, or chasing Sir Lowell around while he is in puppy form. Will be discussed when the time comes.
Levictus Vale No Tends to her duties within the infirmary, acting as nurse. Infirmary duties, checking up on paperwork regarding Vanor. Will be within Town of Vanor, busy with head mistress duties.
CeriAequitas Laura Delaney Yes Doing work. somewhere on board the ship or bouncing around as a puppy Reading in a book. TBA
Gwyn No in engineering. in engineering TBA
Vivian Yes Playing Playing
BankieAequitas Vincent Elrich Perish Yes Daily Patrol Rout as usual, usually hangs out in the Engine Room, Kitchen, and Diana's Room. meditates regularly in the garden to Hone his control of his Magic. Patrolling Off on a Mission of some sort.

Log of what has happened during your crash/leave Edit

RebellionAequitas 09/06/15: Internet crashing repeatedly - Venus would have gone to bed as she was suffering with a nasty hangover.

RebellionAequitas 05/06/2015: Fell asleep at Pc - Venus would have returned to helping those in the makeshift infirmary

FaelAequitas 03/06/2015: Had to leave for bed - Fael would be in the makeshift infirmary (Please see Septimo Notable Roleplay Log)

TheMysteriousSpellBinder 29/05/2015: Left mid RP - Cody returned to his bunk

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