The Postions and Rankings
This page is for the character profiles in the roleplay. When you join the Septimo crew, you can join as one of the multiple positions offered to you. Each Septimo Ship Positions is followed by a rank. The higher your rank, the more likely people are to respect you in the chain. However you do not have to be a high rank to earn others respect. Each person will be offered a 'Unranked' position upon entering the ship. As soon as a person is made crew, they will then be given an E-Rank until the talents or skills of a person is discovered. When the person is deemed for a rank, a S-Rank or higher can give the person the rank. Each ranking is issued by a contract that can be wrote in storyline or off screen.
Blank Bio
Character Bio - If you want a character added into this list, then simply add them in. The template base for the character bio's can be found, Send it to one of the admin's and we'll make you a profile for you in no time.
Positions on Septimo
Septimo Ship Positions: A list of the ship positions with discriptions and the avilability of the job.

NPC - The character would still be in roleplay, even though the player is inactive

Former Captains Scorpia Darkhart, Kura-Skye Edwards
Captain Abel Baudouin
Co-Captain Audrey E. Whiton (NPC) Quartsmaster
First Mate Alexander Ulysses Xavier Ezekial Michael lucifa Gale Head Guard
Second Mate Sverre Bjerkersønn Ships Artist
Third Mate Vincent Elrich Perish Jack-of-All-Trades
SSS - Rank Matthew Edwards Quartsmaster
Laura Delaney Captains Advisor
Raven (NPC) Scholar.
SS - Rank Nicholas Thompson (NPC) Professional Medic
Venus Everett Head Doctor
Jake Wallace (NPC) Elite Guard
Jacob Jenkinson   Head Engineer
Shin Karatsuri (NPC) Herbalist, Able Guard
S - Rank Sapphire the Gentle Head of Protection
Xavier Descartes  Engineer
Drake Bennings (NPC) Elite Guard
Calypso Delevista (NPC) Safety Officer
A - Rank Vich Moroza (NPC) Head Weapons Expert
Levictus Vale Nurse/Medic
Fumaii Bauduoin Look-Out, Guard
Diana Marie Viccars Medic
Sonja Planksdatter  Barkeeper
B - Rank Amaya Okumura (NPC) Able guard, Hunter
15th baam / Faelon Erierith Everett Medic
Lowell Grail Alabaster Look-Out
Zexel Overcast Raulus (NPC) Look-Out / Sniper
Ravine Deleni Able medic/Nurse
Dawn Elik Faewood(NPC) Doctor
C - Rank Kala Kamosh Able Guard
Brycer Melia Engineer
Zero (NPC) Weapon Specialist
Nika Andreyev (NPC) Engineer and Tinkerer
D - Rank Ramiel Lyonsett Stores and Trade
E - Rank Gwyn (Kitty) Jacob's Personal Assistant
Fleur Von'Elise Abel's Summon
Sylvester Alice Engineer
Mila Jenkinson (NPC) Ships Child, Engineer
KazzIhuria Gem'Borne (NPC) Engineer
Unranked Ravenna Aislyn Frost Guard, Lookout
Tsura-Unn Sheyda Seamstress
Cody Jason Nate Banks
Perenelle Warren Engineer
Kaede Jenkins
Gwaine Lionheart Guard
Silvis Medic
Hedwig Engineer

Ex-Crew Edit

For list of Ex crew, follow HERE

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