Roxanne V.(Victoria) Cross

First, before writing out a character profile put A basic overview of the character including how they got on the ship.A Picture must also be included (Type *hiresnobg into IMVU chat box and look at desktop for a print screen or use a preferred alternative method)

Example of a detailed profile - Abel Baudouin

Example of a less detailed profile - Irisadora


This is a must do! PROFILE - SKILLS AND WEAPONS - WEAKNESS - PERSONALITY (If you do not want to add anything to a select category, Delete the category.)

Profile Edit

Position: (leave for Admin)
Rank: (Leave for Admin)
Full Name: (Include birth name)
Race: (List of Races , your own can be added)
Home town:

Talents and Skills Edit

  • Keep this one bullet pointed. This is in general talents and skills, Cooking/Fighting/Drawing/Instruments ect can be seen under this.

Weapons Edit

  • Bullet point this one also. What weapons does she have, if none, delete this section.

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Bullet point this one also. This is skills and abilities in combat, including magical abilities. Auto-healing/mind control/mind reading is not encouraged and may be voided if used in role play. if none, Delete this section

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Goals Edit

Short and long term life goals

Personality Edit

Who they were like and what they are like now.

Weaknesses Edit

every character needs these. Try to list at least 3

Beliefs Edit

Gods <--- Doesn't have to follow these, Christianity, Buddhism ect all still apply.

Appearance Edit

Small paragraph about what they look like, where their accessories came from ect.

Relationships Edit

If none known, Delete this section.

Parents Edit

Grand Parents Edit

Partner Edit

Children Edit

Friendships Edit

Background Edit

Background of your character, go into as much detail as you desire.

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