Mausoleum Edit

The mausoleum at the graveyard was the location of the first sages quest. the mission group had to first find their way inside the temples and then move through a series of rooms and riddles to eventually get to the tomb containing valuable scrolls.

Out of the Temple Edit

mausoleum lies on a graveyard. quite some gravestones fill the area around it and a few statues line the plae. Overall, it looks like your common creepy graveyard.

The riddles on the statues:

  • See though my eyes.
  • Readers beware, within here hides a tortureous tale. All magic null in the tomb of Caoul. Sacred. Sacred. Leave your weopons to your feet. Or face the wrath of Rakipn. For any mistakes will leave you with the sacrivise of what holds main inportance to body, mind or soul. For Rakipns work, one must be wary of all. For intellegence is key to sucsess

The upper part of the mausoleum Edit

The mausoleum was plain, a simple stone floor, wall and ceiling. 12 paintings hung on the wall, artworks of strange beings holding something representing a gift. One of the 12 paintings held a blurred figure. Next to the paintings, the only noteworthy things was a staircase leading down.

The lower part of the Mausoleum Edit

in the tomb after walking the Stairway lied a small room, sepperated from another chamber by green flame giving off some form of mystic horror effects. to the right corner there was a statue holding a scroll like the ones outside just with more scripting engraved into the hand-. "see though my eyes. look though my belongings" The only other notable things in the room were four stone coffins. Inside the coffins lied

  1. Rope, Straw and Bone
  2. Blood, Cloth and Wool
  3. Stacked flint, Stacked wood and a few buckets of browned water
  4. Rock, Glass and Steel

Which could be used to solve the riddles. With every riddle finished the green flames dissipated and another room was opened. The riddles were as such:

  1. With no lungs I breath. With no life i live. Reaching the sky i fade for eternity.
  2. I am fragile, do not break me.
  3. Running free as maker of life, it is told. As clear as diamond. As valuable as gold.
  4. I am you, You are I. We are one. Yet we are opposite.
  5. One lies, one speaks truth, only one question can be asked. which dagger is the right one?

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