Red Nightfall
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NameRed Nightfall
Birthday20th January
SpeciesMeya hybrid
HometownSinisternightfall [In runes]
ParentsFather = Light . Mother is dead
Sibling(s)His twin sister Eli
Professional life
Positionnone so far [recruited 9-1-15]
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Example of a less detailed profile - Irisadora


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Talents and SkillsEdit

  • Knows hand to hand combat and sword's men skill
  • Knows how to cook


An old sword called ''the sword of darkness

Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bullet point this one as well. This is skills and abilities in combat, including magical abilities. Auto-healing/mind control/mind reading is not encouraged, and may be voided if used in role play. If none, delete this section.

Education and Intelligence BackgroundEdit

Self explanatory What schooling does your character have? Their IQ?


his long goal to become the strongest person alive.


Red is always a kind person, always willing to help out but he is a bit clumsy at time's.


useless being up in the air and under water during a battle


Red medium long hair, Pointy elf ears, Silver colored eyes, Grey Tonic, black buggy trousers with matching combat boots, Shoulder plate armor, black long arm gounlets that are long from the back of his hand to his elbows and knee pad armor.



e was born and raised in the sinister nightfall with his twin sister.

 his voice was lost in a battle at a young age, though his father used his

 ability to regain Red's voice, leaving him with the scar around his neck. 

He met a young human female at a teenage year, he head a crush on her once 

she entered, love in first sight one might say. She requested to join as Red

 jumped in quickly and requested to be her personal guard from then on out. 

His parents got were no longer together during a war with all the confusion 

of what was happening. Red stayed back home till he got older, Battling in 

the front lines for his home and was next in hair for the throne.After all 

that, he kneed down to his human girlfriend who he meant in a young age and 

asked her to merry him when they got to the age of 22. After he found out 

the truth about his parents separation. he lost his trust to his mother and 

left his home land, he first told his fiance he is leaving and he promised to

 visit her everyday.He then started to follow his father aura, following. He 

found out he was with another Female, Making her red's Step mother. Red liked 

his step mother in a second and requested to join.Few months passed as Red lost

 contact of his fiance, he could find or writing her a letter, He searches for 

her day and night, the more day's passes the more he thinks she ditched him or 

worse betrayed him as she is no longer in her home. Few years passed as he was in a town ,realising that wanted poster's are all over the town. Apparently those who killed his mother and destroyed his hometown are still loooking for him so he hid him self in one of the crate box's until he was carried out away. he found him self in a storage of a ship, he sneaked out from the storeage but he was cought by a female in the kitchen. he was cought of course and had a chat with the captian, the Captian offered him to join the crew, Red hesitated at first and joined with them as the the story still has to be told ~~ continues~~

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