When she first entered the ship
AgeUnknown, though she is believed to be about 28-30
SpeciesFlame Spirit (Turned from being human)
NationalityUnknown, but her accent is faintly English
Professional life
RankThird Mate
OOC information

Talents and Skills Edit

  • Researching. Raven has a knack for finding the information to a topic with expert efficiency. Should she not know a topic, her first instinct is to find out as much as possible about said topic.
  • Teaching. While Raven would never say she could teach anyone, or that she is the perfect teacher, she does have a way to connect with a lot of people a help them with their strengths, while also trying to build their weaknesses.
  • Learning. Raven is a fast learner, usually able to pick up a new skill once it has been told and/or shown to her.

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Bullet point this one as well. This is skills and abilities in combat, including magical abilities. Auto-healing/mind control/mind reading is not encouraged, and may be voided if used in role play. If none, delete this section.

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Self explanatory What schooling does your character have? Their IQ?

Goals Edit

Short and long term life goals.

Personality Edit

Who they were like, and what they are like now.

Weaknesses Edit

Every character needs these. Try to list at least three.

Beliefs Edit

Raven follows Heliophoros, but not so much because she wants, more for the reason that while she doesn't know about her past, she does know that Heliophoros holds her soul as his contractual bond for her powers, and as such, he controls whether she lives or dies.

Appearance Edit

Small paragraph about what they look like, where their accessories came from, etc.

Relationships Edit

Raven's background, parents and family, is unknown, however this section will stay for the chance that she may one day find her family, or they find her, and she will know her history.

Parents Edit

Grand Parents Edit

Partner Edit

Children Edit

Friendships Edit

Background Edit

Background of your character, go into as much or as little detail as you desire.

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