Normal elves are the common elves around the world. From the tall high-elves to the short coast-elves. Their ears ranging in length from different kind of elves. but their all pointed and longer then human ears. Giving them better hearing and a very distinctive look. A typical elf stands at a taller height than the average human and will have pointed ears and particularly beautiful features however this can vary dependant on where each Elf is from.

From the multi-pierced ears of the poorer elves to the delicately painted ears of the rich elves. elves sets much pride in their ears.

Even though elves can grow hair just like humans, They cannot grow beards. Many elven actors and agents often have a wide range of fake beards to use. The elves most seen tends to have rather delicate faces. indeed, elves in cities or medium to big towns often have delicate faces.However The elvish tribes and clans of the rural areas have rugged, unclean and often harder faces from harder living.

From the cold and harsh Nordheim to the warmth of south Libertus. While the elves of nordheim are white to pale with blonde, light brown or red hair, green to blue eyes, the elves of Libertus are copper-coloured in their skin. often having brown to black hair and black or brown eyes. just as many differences in elven heights and looks as it is to humans or orcs or any other race.

The coast-elves is just elves at the coast. Often shorter then humans their quite productive, often sailor and dockers.

The high-elves are as their name says, taller then humans. All elves tolerate alcohol the same way humans do. by drinking lots of it over time to strengthen their alcohol resistance. Elves have no alcohol-resistance buff from their race-stats.

An example of an Elf would be Vaeri ZaRah.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are extremely nimble and quick on their feet.
  • Heightened sense of hearing, Particularly in touch with nature.
  • Skilled fighters.


  • Vulnerable to the same damage as humans.
  • No particular magical abilities.
  • Vulnerable to disease and such.
  • Mentally ages slower then other races


Cauol or Maori: Caoul
Origins: Nordheim, However this can vary
Average Lifespan:  200+
Average I.Q.:  175
Average Height:  5ft-7ft+
Average Weight:  140lbs - 200lbs (Varies on lifestyle and Gender)
Average Strength:  120lbs
Average Speed:  Slightly faster than the average human.
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Borgichi



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