Nature fae are typically found deep in the forests of Nordheim but can be tracked down to any area with particularly vast forest. Abel to morph between a human form and a small pocket-sized Fae these creatures are seen as protectors of the forests they live in and for the most part live among the wildlife and animals however they have been known to help the forests flourish and grow in the spring by being the carriers of the bloom seeds. Fae's are often otherwise known as Faeries dependant on the location. Over time they have been suggested to have antennae and wings.

There is no current example of a Nature Fae.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are able to morph between a small Farie form and a larger human form.
  • They usually possess elemental abilities.
  • Extremely quick and nimble on their feet.


  • When in smaller Fae form they can be crushed like a bug.
  • Similar mortality to a human.
  • Due to their life mixed with nature they are usually pacifistic creatures, making them poor fighters.

Nature Fae

Cauol or Maori: Caoul
Origins: Nordheim
Average Lifespan:  200
Average I.Q.:  125
Average Height:  Varies dependant on form
Average Weight:  Varies dependant on form
Average Strength:  Equal to a human
Average Speed:  Equal to a human, Equal to a small bird when in flight
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Borgichi




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