467 - 600MHY Helith (years of serenity) Edit

Yr 467 - Libertus formed. Humans and Dwarves co-operate to form Sandarian and the elves found Kralia in the southern forest part of the continent.

600-864 MHY Regalicoh (Born From Royalty) Edit

Yr 600 + Caouls mass murder Maori kin

Regalis claims libertus and northern orzya as pure caoul land

864 - 1110 MHY Sephoriam (Time of Reasoning) Edit

Verbal peace treaties formed

10 nations formed in independance (Libertus part of this )

1110-1503 MHY Ferronacoh (Born From Technology) Edit

Steam powered technology introduced.

Yr.1298 - 1302 - Second caoul war

1503 - 1586 MHY Parlion (The Growth) Edit

Maoris protest for harmony go unheard in Libertus

1586 - 1762 MHY Gagreincoh (Born From Medicine) Edit

- wip -

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