The status of a Mod will be granted to a person if they have, in character, became crew. This status will be kept unless the terms listed below are broken.

Expectations Edit

  • To be able to greet and welcome new people in a effective manor. Be welcoming and friendly to all players on ship.
  • To be able to post the New Players Guide if a player is interested in the room.
  • To have breif knowledge of the roleplay.
  • To be able to warn and boot those who use the room as a chat room, or a room to park (Without reason)
  • To be able to boot avatars who do not show rp qualities upon there entrance, or within there profile and name. eg. Guest_SwagManDan: Hello

Disciplinarys Edit

  • You will get one warning.
  • After a second warning you mod will be stripped for 1 week.
  • If you are given a third warning you will not get your mod returned.

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