Mermaids are creatures that coexist alongside the ocean life and can be found across the whole spread of the Morpheus oceans. They can vary in appearance dependant on where they are found however the greatest similarity in appearances for these creatures is the characteristic fish-like tail which they use to swim gracefully amongst the waves. Mermaids are immortal but not invincible and can easily be killed, captured and even parts of a mermaid can be sold off for good price due to poachers and such. Through the stories from sailors they are described as a mythical sea creature with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful and with long flowing golden hair however personal sightings through the regions beg to differ.

An example of a mermaid is Cecilia Von Burgen

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are able to live in water and move around at great speeds in the waters.
  • They usually help drowning sailors and such by taking them to shore.
  • They are extremely friendly and sociable creatures.


  • They are often hunted and killed for their uniquely coloured tails and for medicines.
  • The can be easily killed when caught despite being immortal.
  • They know nothing of war and weapons making them poor fighters usually.


Cauol or Maori: Caoul
Origins: Unknown, Have existed in the oceans around Morpheus
Average Lifespan:  Immortal provided the mermaid avoids any poachers
Average I.Q.:  122
Average Height:  5'8
Average Weight:  139 lbs
Average Strength:  N/A Mermaids are pacifistic creatures
Average Speed:  In water they can reach speeds of 30mph
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Chalchiuhtlicue, Anriella

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