.Medela is a small kingdom located in Finland, Nordheim. The land is a safe-house for both Maori and Caoul kind and refuses to abandon, or ignore any traveler at its door step. It is a peaceful land, made up of forests and rivers along with the man-made attractions of sensory gardens, heated rock pools and a relaxation unit. The village itself is located near the Medela port in order for ease of trade and to allow easy access to those travelling by the ocean. The village itself holds only 17 inhabitants all of which working for Medela Healing House, Every person who dwells within Medela works hand in hand with the land and each has a specific job, this can be anything from a Herbalist to a simple guard. Herbs and Medicine is the kingdoms signature trade and is widely known as a place of healing and medicinal aids. All are welcome into Medela as long as they work for their place of stay and keep the peace of the village.
The Village
The Village of Medela : The village is located in the old town of Folkscoft, resently changed to Medela due to becoming deserted land. The village includes a port, tavern, inn, farm, market and more.
Healing House
Medela Healing House : The healing house serves as a hospital. Linked to the relaxation unit and sensory gardens, the house serves its purpose in helping whom ever in the exchange of money, or work.

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