Maka Clouding
HiResNoBg8 (2)mmaaakkkaaa
NameMaka Clouding
Nickname(s)Bitch, Whore biscuit
SpeciesGrim Reaper
HometownFulda, Germany
Professional life
PositionEngineer Assistant
OOC information

Maka first showed after Devlin had died the first time and took his soul but as she was locking him away in her vault. His soul vanished and returned to his body. She appeared again after he had died during a quest and took his soul for herself again. But then his vanished from her hand and went back to his body. Pissed she decided to follow him until he died. Now she works in the engines making deals with people that only interest her.

Talents and Skills Edit

  •  Can make a mirror mirror portal,
  • takes souls and brand them as hers.

Weapons Edit

  • Black fire
  • Nail needles

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Bullet point this one also. This is skills and abilities in combat, including magical abilities. Auto-healing/mind control/mind reading is not encouraged and may be voided if used in role play. if none, Delete this section

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Goals Edit

Short and long term life goals

Personality Edit

Cocky bitch. Doesn't really care what people think or say about her behind her back.

Weaknesses Edit

Her wings are her weakness. But they only show when she is using the black fire.

Beliefs Edit

Doesn't believe in any even though she has seen demigods and such.

Appearance Edit

HiResNoBg7 (2)

Maka is 5ft 7in. Tan skin with glowing lime green eyes that contrasted by candy red apple hair that is always held back by pigtails and a bandanna Her pouty lips and elf like ears give a somewhat exotic look.

Relationships Edit

If none known, Delete this section.

Parents Edit

Grand Parents Edit

Partner Edit

Children Edit

Friendships Edit

Background Edit

Background of your character, go into as much detail as you desire. 

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