Lumina are the original race of darkness, formed by the hands of Ventura in a bid to wipe out the original race of light, the Eoduuns created by Data. They are the oldest creatures formed of the darkness and are the purest form of evil that can be found in Morpheus however they are most often found hidden away in the shadows at the very corners of every region. This race has been the centre point of all Maori races that have been derived from it since. Anyone who would come across this race be it accidental or otherwise could be in for a concoction of trouble.

There is no existing example of a Lumina.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit





Cauol or Maori: Maori
Origins: Ventura
Average Lifespan:  N/A
Average I.Q.:  N/A
Average Height:  N/A
Average Weight:  N/A
Average Strength:  N/A
Average Speed:  N/A
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Ventura

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