Lizard folk are lizards with the features of humans, similar to dragon kin however this particular race hold the main characteristics of a lizard. They often stand upon two legs and again mimic the speech of those around them however in some cases this race can be found living in clusters like a tribe particularly around the hotter and mountainous regions and in some cases have been seen to develop their own speech patterns and forms of communication. The main difference to their dragon kin cousins are the lack of their fire related abilities however they are known to be quick on their feet, and stealthy in combat.

There is no current example of Lizard folk.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They have a thickened layer of skin making them able to take more blows than a human from a mele weapon.
  • They are fast and slick creatures, Very good at dodging and such.
  • They are extremely curious creatures, Often venturing out and forming alliances with other races.


  • They aren't the brightest of creatures.
  • Due to their appearance most people reject the idea of them living among society.
  • They have no magical abilities.

Lizard Folk

Cauol or Maori: Caouls
Origins: Soumi, Oceania
Average Lifespan:  120 years
Average I.Q.:  85
Average Height:  190cm-220 cm
Average Weight:  130-160 lbs
Average Strength:  150lbs
Average Speed:  2.8 walking speed, 21 running speed
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Animal


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