After a big storm Lila could barely make it out, thanks to an old emergency boat her life was saved, finally after 3 days, she encountered this new ship, with her last remaining strength boarded it, and never looked back.

Profile Edit

Full Name: Lila Ryder Fisher
Nicknames: Lil (Pronounced Lha- il)
Race: Human
Age: 22
Birthday: 13th of October
Nationality: French
Home town: Paris
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: None
Children: None

Talents and Skills Edit

  • Great control of whip
  • Good Shooter

Weapons Edit

  • Leather Whip
  • Black Revolver

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Gymnastics skills
  • Fast movements
  • Basic combat skills

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Homeschooled since young, left it at the age of 16 and became a pirate, naturally intelligent has excellent stratergy skills, earned a high position between her crew thanks to that.

Goals Edit

Make it out alive.

Personality Edit

Lila is a witty young woman, she may seem cold and distant at first but become somewhat of a nice person once you warm up to her, her view of things are objective and analyzes well the situation, bad social skills and brutal honesty makes her not the best companion.

Weaknesses Edit

Doesn't take well strong punches and kicks.

small size, putting her in disadvantage when it comes to body to body combat.

Since she's human, she's defenseless when it comes to supernatural powers.

Beliefs Edit


Appearance Edit

Long black hair, small accesories from herm nay trips, such as feathers, rings and a bindi, has a neck tattoo and her attire consists of a white blouse, striped pirate pants, black and red corset, and a long coat paired with heeled boots.

Background Edit

Born in the outskirts of paris, she has always had an adventurous personality, born as an only child in a poor family she had to work for most of her life, barely letting her time to make friends, she has learned her street intelligence from surviving in her own streets. Tired from her lifestyle, and scared of going nowhere she decided to leave her home and join a pirate crew, started from mopping the floors, to the captain's second-hand, until a storm stroke her ship, seemingly leaving no survivors except her who could escape on time.

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