The Pact headquarters Edit

The pact have their headquarters located in Wijga, a city in the est of Romals. The whole place is Caoul only and the members of The Pact are fierce in their hunt, Little do they know what secrets their own headquarters hold..

-secret untill Sages mission is complete-

Rista Edit

Capital of Romals. The place has existed for XXX years and thanks to it's easy access to the sea has grown to be the capital of Romals. The city has easy access to fish from the ocean and therefor an easy supply of food, and lying against the river makes trading with other cities in the country a breeze. Being close to the mountains the city also has easy access to stones and iron, providing building materials. The city has been sieged twice in history and taken once, the first siege in XXX by one of the Vittorian countries who failed to take the city and the second sige in XXX, an internal siege in Romals and a successful one as the last family reigning took over the throne. The city is in chaos now though, due to the last heir having died and the nobles fighting for the crown.

Duneflute Edit

As capital of Sandaria, Duneflute is the youngest of the capitals and only came into existance after the two countries split. It is the biggest of capitals though as it is not surrounded by wood, mountains or oceans, only having a river on one side of the city the other three sides are free to expand. The City is the trade center of the continent itself and while the traders hold a lot of the riches, the poorest of poorest are to be found in the slumps here.

Holm Edit

Originally the oldest capital on the continent, Holm has been burned to ashes in XXX due to lightning striking the trees. The city took years and years to be rebuild but have worked to fire-proof the city as much as possible. In a war attempts have been made to burn the place down again but except for a few smaller houes burning away all attempts have failed, the city now housing streams, wells and all kind of water reservoires accessable by all and everyone.

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