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Profile Edit

Position: (leave for Admin)
Rank: (Leave for Admin)
Full Name:
Kurokku Clockworks
Nicknames: Tick
Race: Gifted human
Age: 18
Birthday: March 12
Nationality: White
Home town:
Utsukushī mūn
Mūnfurawā (dead), Kyōjin
Siblings: brother Enjin Clockworks
Children: non

Talents and Skills Edit

  • can talk and see things that cannot be seen to most, singing, drawing, getting angry.

Weapons Edit

  • when in danger good spirits will protect her, also she has a dagger.

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • can see things that most can't, doesn't know it but can summon a spirit sword, spirits will help her when in need.

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Goals Edit

she wants to find out where her father is, she wants to know why she can see things most can't.

Personality Edit

sweet, kind, loving, caring, can get moody when she's mad.

Weaknesses Edit

1. if she is blinded she can't see nor call the spirits.

2. she has a weak spot on her back where if you hit it she could die.

3. if she see's a tortured spirit she will do anything to help it.

Beliefs Edit

believes in the gods.

Appearance Edit

skinny doesn't have much of breasts, 5.3, white hair up, odd eyes, sun-kissed skin.

Relationships Edit

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Parents mother is dead an has no idea where father is Edit

Grand Parents dead Edit

Partner non Edit

Children non Edit

Friendships her brother. Edit

Background Edit

Kurokku Clockworks and her brother lived with there mother intill they where 6 when she passed, they then went with there aunt and uncle who would beat them and barley give them food. finally when they where 16 they ran away, they know live in a small cabin working together to do there life fly around the world with wings. and once that happends we'll find our father...and find out why he left us.

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