At a first glance, one might assume Kaede Jenkins was quite the normal human. However, as they got to know her, they would conclude that she is quite the normal Naga. With her enjoyment of cooking anything she finds (and serving it to her unwary companions), Kae strives to become the world's greatest chef. This, alongside her shyness and weak sight, does absolutely nothing to set her apart from the rest of her people.

Well, that's what Kaede would say anyway. She prefers to be unnoticed by the general public and will go out of her way to avoid people. However, when she is around those she trusts... she is still shy and quiet and prefers to listen rather than join the conversation.
Kaede (Sslairaella) Jenkins
Kaede in Human Form
NameKaede (Sslairaella) Jenkins
Nickname(s)Sslai, Kae
BirthdayJune 23
NationalityHalf Japanese, Half Irish
HometownTokyo, Japan
ParentsSsliiashsti (Deceased), Klarahtass
Sibling(s)N/A (to her knowledge)
Professional life
OOC information
CreatedDecember 2015

Talents and SkillsEdit

  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Singing
  • Writing and telling stories
  • Playing the lute
  • Dancing
  • Playing the lyre
  • Playing the cello
  • She can pick up most instruments pretty easily


  • Double scimitars
  • Spear
  • Fangs
  • Rifle
  • Crossbow

Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Can shift from Snake to Human to Naga
  • Venom on her fangs
  • Very good with her tail
  • Skilled with the rifle and crossbow in human form
  • Can constrict

Education and Intelligence BackgroundEdit

Kaede hasn't had too much schooling. She can read and write and do simple math, but that is about it. She does love learning about history, however, but does not have a great memory.


She would like to become the greatest chef in the world, but also wants to finish a book. For now, she likes to sing and play music for people.


Kaede can be a bit slower-moving than others, is still capable of holding her own in a debate or fight. She does suffer from shyness, and will be soft-spoken in situations where she is not totally comfortable... which is most situations.


She is very shy and will sometimes get a panic attack around too many people. Though she has severe anxiety, it does not act up when she is performing. She also has fairly weak vision as a full snake and Naga form, though it is fine when in human form. She cannot swim at all and is very sensitive to the cold.


As a human, Kaede has long bright red hair and wears a wide-brimmed hat and black glasses to hide her eyes.

As a Naga, she has black hair and light blue skin.

As a snake, she has scales.

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