A relatively rare race of Morpheus, The Inartans are a race barely known to those who reside in this world. Most people who would pass them would just think them as a plain elf, or half elf due to their fair skin, Pointed ears, Willowy limbs and fiery colored hair. Though, The Inartan is a small sub species of humans and elves, evolved over time to gain their own special skill sets and weaknesses. Inartans are exquisite glass-crafters and bladesmiths. They are also the Elite falconers, The creatures having a soul deep bond with their Falcon once they choose it. Inartans have also learned to ride the great eagles of Vittoria, Being able to glide over the snowy mountains that lie southwest of the area. Inartans have gained the speed of the elves,and their strength is that above a Human. Though, Inartans can be injured easily, Their bodies only just a tad bit less frail than a Humans. However, They are far more intelligent than the average Human, Taking on the I.Q. level of the elves. Inartans are Cauol born, but do not dismay against creatures who are Maori born. They mainly worship the Goddess Aritoboe as their creator. Inartans are also known for their various shades of red hair, and strange but beautiful blue-eyed gaze. Some Inartans even gain both of their parents eye colors, The hues blending together magnificently. Inartans are adequate fighters, Fighting quick on their feet when engaged in battle. The amount of Inartans in Morpheus is unknown, Though guessed to be around a small 13,000 in global population.

An example of an Inartan would be Lena Ó Faolain.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit




Cauol or Maori Caoul
Origins Vittoria
Average Lifespan  140
Average I.Q.  124
Average Height  Female: 5'0-5'6 / Male: 5'5-6'2
Average Weight  Female: 115-138 Lbs / Male: 120-142 Lbs
Average Strength   Female: Stronger than the human male. // Male: Strength similar to an Elvish Warrior.
Average Speed  Similar to the Elves.
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation: Aritoboe, Borgichi, Jique

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