There has been issues with people going against the Septimo - New Players Guide, Septimo - Advanced Guide and the Players Rights pages. Due to this, this page has been set up to make sure players are okay with the terms of the room, and have agreed them.

Please check the Morpheus Blacklist to see who is blocked from the Morpheus role play rooms.

Post your conformation in the comment section below, in the lay out of:

I [IMVU name] Confirm I have read the Septimo - New Players Guide and I am aware for the Players Rights. I understand that if the rules are broken, I will be given a warning or asked to leave the Morpheus roleplay.

IMVU Alternative accounts: (If any)

Date joined:

Date Signed:

If possible, Please be logged into a Wikia account when signing. And please sign in BLOCK CAPITALS, BOLD

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