Made as the more stable race after the extinction of the Eoduuns, Humans can be distinguished by a more physical appearance equivalent to the later made apes. Humans have enlarged brains and have skeletal and muscular adaptations that allow them to inhabit multiple morpheus reigons. In time they have came in different sizes and shapes to show individuality.Humans are opportunistic omnivores, showing remarkable ingenuity in extracting, producing, processing and preserving foods. Although the human is seen to have weaker physical features compared to other races, they are highly intelligent and one of the only races that is able to make and provide a decent technological understanding.

An example of this would be Laura Delaney.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • Humans are incredibly versatile and are open to learn many techniques and a lot of knowledge.
  • They are able to understand human emotion and such with ease which other races struggle to do.
  • They are open to learning magic and can train themselves to be equal to any Caoul or Maori within reason


  • They are mortal and therefore can be easily killed.
  • They are born with no real defence mechanisms such as magic or claws.
  • They can easily be swayed with the use of magic and such.



Caoul or Maori: Caouls
Origins Morpheus
Average Lifespan:  40-80 years (Depending on Era/Reigon)
Average I.Q.:  85-115
Average Height:  162.6 cm on average (Female), 175.3 cm on average (Male)
Average Weight:  164.7 pounds on average (Female) 194.7 pounds on average (Male)
Average Strength:  120lbs
Average Speed:  3.1 mph walking speed 15mph running speed
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Data, Jique

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