Hazael Kingdom
Hazael's kingdom lies within the heart of Regalis, Commonly referred to as Spain it is the kingdom that contains Hazaels castle and the village of Hiffiam, Each room is free to roam to all. The castle is home to King Edward Everett and Queen Emoille Everett, Currently under the supervision of Kura and Demetri while the monarchs attend to business. The castle itself is also where the rest of the crew will rest and spend their time while the ship undergoes repairs. Once ran by Erik Hazael the kingdom is relaxed on its magic laws and welcome all who enter as long as they come in peace. The room is under IvoryAequitas within the IMVU client. Any race and person is allowed to join the Kingdom room, should you follow the Hazael Kingdom - New Players Guide upon entering.


For new players
Hazael Kingdom - New Players Guide - For longterm players of the Septimo and for Newcomers in Hiffiam and Hazael Castle. This is the brief rules and understandings of the room. All new persons are expected to read this and agree, If there is sign that a player has not followed these simple terms, there will be warnings set.

Hazael Castle Edit

Hazael kingdom is clearly defined into two areas, the best known of the two being Hazael castle and the castle grounds and gardens. Typically this is where the Royalty are found alongside castle workers and Royal guests of the castle. The castle was once owned by Erik Hazael however the King handed his throne to Queen Emoillie and her beloved King Edward. The castle holds many grand rooms a few of these including a library, the throne room, council meeting quarters, Various bedrooms and living quarters and much more. The castle itself is exclusive for Spanish Royalty however since the reign of Emoille and Edward the castle is more open to the villagers should they have any issues or even suggestions to improve the province. Though the kingdom is not open about welcoming magic users the castle itself often welcomes in magic users under the cover and protection of the King, though this approach is usually carried across Hazael's Kingdom. Magic is very much present within this kingdom but is not spoken about openly due to the older inhabitants of Hazael as well as those opposed to magic users and magic within the kingdom. Due to the bonds between the ship and the King and Queen the crew are always welcome within the castle as they please. Within the castle there are also guards and servants that cater to the guests and inhabitants of the castle, most of these people working within the castle are taken in from the lesser earning families of the city. The involvement of the city folk dramatically increased with Edward's leadership due to the male being from lower class Spain. Currently Demetri and Kura Everett are in place to look after the castle in the absence of the Royals.

Hiffiam Edit

Hiffiam is the secondary part of Hazael's kingdom. The dock and city attached to the grand castle.

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