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Profile Edit

Position: (leave for Admin)
Rank: (Leave for Admin)
Full Name: Hank Alonzo Tuner
Nicknames: Testy/ Al
Race: Caucasian
Age: 36
Birthday: May 7th
Nationality: United Kingdom
Home town: Lab-born
Parents: Frank Tuner/ Jane Tuner
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A

Talents and Skills Edit

  • Shooting
  • Crafting
  • Sneaking

Weapons Edit

  • Tesla pistol
  • Arm Claw
  • Backpack
  • Vision enhancing goggles

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Speed craft
  • Escape artist
  • Tolerance to biology
  • Chain Lightning

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Goals Edit

SCIENCE!.. And a death ray

Long term.. science and ALL the knowledge in the universe!

Personality Edit

Always a bit mad and unorthodox. Highly esteemed professor. Creator of many well known and used items all around the world. But very dangerous to work with. Has been kicked out of numerous institutes for blowing up facilities or making them virtually uninhabitable, however without him, the victorian era would not be where it is without him. He is feared for his intelligence as much as he is for his madness.

Weaknesses Edit

Socially Awkward, Science and creation before anything else, even the lives of comrades. Hates the color lavender. Inventions may blow up occasionally. Not the biggest fan of natural light.

Beliefs Edit


Appearance Edit

A tall man of 75 inches, a pair of odd goggles and a full gaudy vest, pockets filled with trinkets and dew-dads. A large backpack which looks like a computer. Talks very quickly and generally doesn't finish his thoughts too often.

Relationships Edit

Friendships-Fred Frudy (Fellow scientist who worked with hank on many occasions) Edit

Background Edit

Born of two lead scientists in the Victorian era, the great Hank helped the military design streamlined, quicker, cheaper and more powerful airships by the age of seven and was already commissioned by a few private companies. A true Prodigy, he continued his look into knowledge, shutting himself off from the outside world and eventually going insane. he decided the world needed his expertise, so He became a professor.. Which was short lived. Three different universities are now indefinitely closed due to chemical, biological and Explosive reasons. However they let this pass only because of the contributions he has made to society. He just isnt allowed in schools anymore. . .

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