The first races of Morpheus was the Eoduuns. These beings were in a human form with bow legs that fadded into nothingness at the ankles. Flowing though the newborn air they floated like your stereotypical ghost. They are able to de-materialize, phasing though the world that Data created as theyre habitat. They hold high speeds and lack combat skills. They were designed to make the world a more beautiful place. Made from prue light it wasn't a surprise when these beings faded upon the darkness Ventura and his darkness brought to the world. And soon the race found extintion. Even though the oldest of holy beings, Angels, Fae born from light and so on, hold a close DNA with the Eoduun, it is said that there a pure child of Eodunn cannot be born without experiancing suffering and pain before fading to nothingness. As soon as they grew extint, Data took a new physical twist, and Humans were the next creation of the Cauol.

There is no physical evidence of an existing Eoduun.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit





Caoul or Maori: Caouls
Origins: Regalis
Average Lifespan:  Unknown
Average I.Q.:  Unknown
Average Height:  Unknown
Average Weight:  Unknown
Average Strength:  Unknown
Average Speed:  670 616 629 MPH
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Data, Jique

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