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Profile LittleVampireUke Edit

Position: (leave for Admin)
Rank: (Leave for Admin)
Full Name: Enjin Clockworks
Nicknames: Smarts
Race: Human
Age: 18
Birthday: March 12
Nationality: White
Home town: Utsukushī mūn
Parents: Mūnfurawā (dead) Kyōjin
Siblings: sister Kurokku Clockworks
Children: non

Talents and Skills Edit

  • great at cooking, very smart about the stars, is great at inventing new things, and pretty good at singing.

Weapons Edit

  • has slingshot and different ammo for it.

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • can fly with the wings he made for him and his sister, he's quick on his feet as well and is pretty stelfey.
  • (sorry if spelled wrong hope you know what i mean when i say Stelfey)

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Goals Edit

he has always wanted to fly like a bird his hole life, his goal is to fly around the world using his wings.

Personality Edit

rude at times, sneaky, kind to animal, sweet, gets worried if someone gets hurt in anyway.

Weaknesses Edit

1. if someone is being hurt he doesn't pay attention to whats going on around him, he gets worried.

2. has a scar on his stumic, if someone hits it hard enoth he'll go down pretty quikly.

3. he mostly relies on his speed so if that is taken out he is pretty easy to take down.

Beliefs Edit

doesn't believe in anything

Appearance Edit

he's skinny but not to skinny, he's 5.7, has white hair and odd eyes, and his is creamy white.

Relationships Edit

Parents Edit

his mother is dead and he has no idea where his father is.

Friendships Edit

his sister and his friend named Ryou.

Background Edit

Enjin Clockworks and his sister lived with there mother intill they where 6 when she passed, they then went with there aunt and uncle who would beat them and barley give them food. finally when they where 16 they ran away, they know live in a small cabin working together to do there life fly around the world with angels.

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