Elemental benders are individuals who have been born in sync with the natural world. Able to train and harness the energy within themselves and make that energy express itself in the world around them. An Elemental Bender is defined less by the class in general and more specifically by the first Element which they learned to bend. Fire Elemental Benders tend to be aggressive and hot headed, Earth are slow and steady and very heardy to the point of being stubborn, Air and water benders are both very laid back and prefer to "Go with the Flow." Though there are exceptions to every rule. An Elemental bender would be able to bend and expand on the elements around them however would be unable to summon out of thin air without extensive training.

An example of an Elemental bender is __________

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are extremely versatile with what they do, Able to bend what is around them.
  • It is possible for an Elemental bender to master more than one element making them very adaptable.
  • It is extremely easy to master the elements with training.


  • Though able to bend all that is around them they are unable to summon.
  • Though they can master more than one, This takes an immense amount of energy and thus an Elemental bender is easily exhausted.
  • In order to bend something expertly they need complete concentration, mentally at the very least.

Elemental Bender

Cauol or Maori: Caoul
Origins: Varies dependant on where each

individual Elemental bender is born

Average Lifespan:  30-70 Dependant on living conditions
Average I.Q.:  124
Average Height:  160 - 180cm Dependant on gender
Average Weight:  160 - 200lbs Dependant on gender and other factors
Average Strength:  120lbs
Average Speed:  3.1mph Walking speed, Up to 15mph Running speed
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Magnophoros

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