Dwarves are a short, Muscular race. They have excellent power use in battle and can keep up for a long time, just like in mining and other businesses. But with running they're easily tired. Dwarves are known to be able to drink a lot and have parties when drunk. Mostly they stay in groups but wanderers are also common under this species. Dwarves live  the mountains and have mined themselves vast strongholds beneath these. Dwarves are immensely strong and sturdy. They have big, rough hands and feet. They're are known to be stubborn and un-forgetting. Dwarves respect the following things; Age, Wealth and skill.

Dwarves favour axes as a weapon but compared with other races dwarfs have embraced and used a variety of weapons that are more advanced than others of the ancient races. Dwarves will use pistols if needed but rather stay on melee weapons. Dwarfs are common allies with elves for the combined skills are a great asset. Dwarves have a hate of Goblins & Orcs who have raided their strong holds many times and took away their wealth. Dwarves also somewhere still distrust the Elves sometimes due to an ancient that was fought between them.

There is no current example of a Dwarf.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are dedicated and loyal creatures to have on your side.
  • They are extremely resourceful of the land around them.
  • They are skillful weapon masters.


  • They are slow in comparison to the average human.
  • They have an extremely low alcohol tolerance.
  • They find it difficult to trust others due to their history of conflict
Cauol or Maori: Caoul
Origins: Regalis
Average Lifespan:  150
Average I.Q.:  Average
Average Height:  4.5"
Average Weight:  176Lbs
Average Strength:  Huge
Average Speed:  Slow
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Jique


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