Dragon kin are humanoid creatures mixed with that of a dragon. They take the form of a dragon but often carry human characteristics such as walking on two legs and using human speech to communicate, these creatures can be found across any stretch of Morpheus and are no strangers to Septimo. Due to their dragon inheritance they are capable of breathing fire and in some cases flight also wielding heightened senses that make them a worthy opponent in combat and helpful allies to have in battle. They also often use their strong claws and coarse skin in defence also paired with fire magic abilities only add to the reasons which make them one of the most powerful races to come across.

Regalis half dragons/Dragon kin are much like their sibling race, humans born of a dragon and human parent or are blessed with the qualities of a dragon or vice versa. Unlike their sibling race however Regalis based half dragon are far more vicious and likely to attack without reason and have been known to be far more animalistic and savage towards stranger which is polar opposite to its far calmed natured Asha half dragons. Though not all are as vicious and cruel they are one of the more temperamental races.

There is no current example of a Regalis Dragon kin.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are extremely stealthy fighters.
  • They can train themselves to work hand in hand with their dragon abilities.
  • They are known to work well in teams and be social creatures.


  • Their fire-breathing abilities can cause long term damage on their bodies.
  • They run out of stamina extremely quickly.
  • They are often vulnerable to the words of a dragon, particularly in combat.

Examples of The Dragons of Asha Edit


Pynthar Dragon

Cauol or Maori: Caoul
Origins: Regalis
Average Lifespan:  40,000
Average I.Q.:  170 (This can vary due to person)
Average Height x length:  40'2" x 3256'5"
Average Weight:  N/A Dependant on eating habits
Average Strength:  N/A Dependant on personal factors
Average Speed:  20 mph on land/362 mph in air
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Animal





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