Asha Edit

Asha Half dragons (Dragon Hybrid) , as the name suggests are humans with dragon like qualities. This could be anything from simple fire abilities or the whole package of claws, wings and a scaly skin type. Usually born of a dragon kin and human however there are causes in which a dragon itself can bestow it's abilities upon a human. These cross breeds are capable of flight should they be able to train their human features to cope with it as well as fire breathing (however in cases this can lead to severe throat problems and damage to the mouth) and in some cases claws and the skin around the arms forms a protective almost molten like layer similar to the dragon that's blood is found within the half dragon. Those who fall under this race can be found all over the place. Asha dragons are typically more friendly and of chilled nature and are far more favourable to befriend.

An example of an Asha half dragon would be Sami Randvei

Refer to Dragon-Kin for Weaknesses for both Asha and regalis hybrids.

Regalis Edit

Regalis half dragons are much like their sibling race, humans born of a dragon and human parent or are blessed with the qualities of a dragon or vice versa. Unlike their sibling race however Regalis based half dragon are far more vicious and likely to attack without reason and have been known to be far more animalistic and savage towards stranger which is polar opposite to its far calmed natured Asha half dragons. Though not all are as vicious and cruel they are one of the more temperamental races.


Dragon Hybrid/ Half Dragons

Cauol or Maori: Caoul
Origins: Asha & Regalis but can be found all over Morpheus
Average Lifespan:  1000+ Ranging up to Immortal dependant on various factors
Average I.Q.:  167
Average Height:  Anywhere between 5-6ft
Average Weight:  120-190lbs
Average Strength:  N/A
Average Speed:  22mph when in flight.
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Draco & Aritoboe

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