About Devout Faes Edit

The Devout Fae are said to first be human; Until their later devotion to their God. It is said that once a human takes a rather religious lifestyle he/she will be sent to Faeros/Shardun  after his/her death. However, some humans are blessed by their god, which grants them untold abilities due to their alignment and loyalty. This results in the creation of the Devout Faes. Although they are so closely related to humans they actually really differ in appearance and actions. Depending on the Devout's preference in god he/she will take after the god they worship in appearance. All Devout Faes are seen with wings, granted to them by their god. All Devouts are rather beautiful and young in appearance; including the Devouts with a negative alignment.

The Personality Edit

Simply put the Devouts are strong intelligent individuals, however they often are clouded by their religion and do not normally agree with science or any terminology that makes ANY God seem nonexistent.

For the Faeros/Good Alignment of the Devout Faes those who seem Lawful or rather innocent as depicting the way of their god are normally really nice and having nothing but good intentions.

For the Shardun/Bad Alignment of the Devout Faes those who seem Unjust or rather Evil as depicting the way of their god are normally really snobby/cocky and have nothing but sly intentions.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • Are given similar abilities of their god
  • They are able to understand human emotion and such with ease which other races struggle to do.
  • They are open to learning magic and can train themselves to be equal to any Caoul or Maori within reason
  • They can fly easily
  • Are extremely good at healing.


  • Are easily upset when their god is under-minded
  • Are misunderstood easily are seen as a little too holy.
  • Weak against their opposing Devout
  • Unable to reach understanding in some advances in science


Devout Faes

Caoul or Maori: Caouls
Origins Morpheus
Average Lifespan:  200-300
Average I.Q.:  125 or way above normal human average
Average Height:  162.6 cm on average (Female), 175.3 cm on average (Male)
Average Weight:  164.7 pounds on average (Female) 194.7 pounds on average (Male)
Average Strength:  110lbs
Average Speed:  3.1 mph walking speed 15mph running speed up 30mph flying
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation All

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