Add a discription of the race

An example of one would be Amaya Okumura.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • Immortal (until a fatal wound it inflicted)
  • Very strong, yet the muscle doesn't show.
  • Smarter than their cousin the Hell Hound.


  • Cannot kill without reason.
  • They used to be in Cauol, one bad apple fucked that up.
Cauol or Maori: Maori
Origins: Asha
Average Lifespan: Basically immortal until they're fatally hit (Beheaded, cut in half, stabbed in the heart, etc.) 
Average I.Q.: depends on how much they learn in school or on their own. 
Average Height: 5'0ft to 7'0ft 
Average Weight: 98lbs to 200lbs 
Average Strength: Depends on their practice in the arts of fighting. 
Average Speed: Again, depends on the person.  
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation: Ventura

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