Berel Yudah a young treasure hunter born in the city of  Aelville, he was a son of pirates who died in war when he was only 5 years old, since then he dedicated himself to hunt treasure day and night.

Even though he never found a real treasure he thinks adventure is the main reason he keeps going.

Berel is egocentric and refuses to accept his failures.

Profile Edit

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Rank: (Leave for Admin)
Full Name: Berel Yudah
Nicknames: Jerk
Race: Human
Age: 25
Birthday: April, 22
Nationality: Unknown
Home town: Aelville
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Children: N/A

Talents and Skills Edit

  • Map Maker
  • Repairing Ships
  • Weapon Maker

Weapons Edit

  • Old Beard's Blade- A blade that used to belong to Berel's ancestor Old Beard Tacitus.
  • Silver Gauntlets- These Gauntlets are not made of silver yet they can slash through flesh easily, Berel made them in 3 nights.

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Berel is an average fighter.

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Berel was raised in the streets but that didn't turn him into an illiterate man, before his parents died his mom taught him how to read. He worked on many different yet simple jobs, every coin he earned was used to buy books.

Goals Edit

To find the greatest treasure ever!   

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