Colette Manon Guyon
NameColette Manon Guyon
Nickname(s)Dove, Ma petite colombe
BirthdayFeb 18th
ParentsOdette and Julien Guyon
Sibling(s)Noel and Jaqueline Guyon
Professional life
PositionEngineer Assistant
OOC information

Dove came to the ship washing up to the lower deck, she has no memory of her previous past, but her life before was one only royals get to experience. Dove or Colette lived a live of luxury with her family, Dove was treated like a fine wine that was to be breed for success.. As the youngest of two elder siblings Dove was the child that her parents attempted to make into the perfect young woman. She was taught how to act in public, how to eat, how to dress in the latest fashion, what she thought politically, and what was proper conversation with a man. Dove ran away from an event where she had met her fiance, she now lives in the engine room and enjoys to be naked whenever she can. She learned about engineering from the head engineer Jacob and became his assistant as soon as she was taught the basics. She has a gift of making weapons but she can not cook.

Talents and Skills Edit

  • Skilled in robotics as she had a natural ability since her teacher first started teaching her. Her first creation being a small robotic bird.
  • Creating weapons that use elemental powers.

Weapons Edit

  • A glove that she wears that produces electric currents similar to a police tazer in modern day, it can paralyze for about 10 minute if lucky 15 minutes.
  • Her other weapon she has created is a walking stick that when activated by a switch inside the top can create explosions from fire when touching an object or living being

Combat Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Bullet point this one also. This is skills and abilities in combat, including magical abilities. Auto-healing/mind control/mind reading is not encouraged and may be voided if used in role play. if none, Delete this section

Education and Intelligence Background Edit

Goals Edit

Short and long term life goals

Personality Edit

Dove's personality is very free spirited and always trying to find new ways to dress in less and less clothes even to the point of being butt naked. She treats everyone the same at first when meeting them until proven wrong yet will still talk to them if needed. She cares about her closet friends and will love someone openly if they allow her to.

Weaknesses Edit

every character needs these. Try to list at least 3

Beliefs Edit

Gods<--- Doesn't have to follow these, Christianity, Buddhism ect all still apply.

Appearance Edit

Small paragraph about what they look like, where their accessories came from ect.

Relationships Edit

If none known, Delete this section.

Parents Edit

Grand Parents Edit

Partner Edit

Children Edit

Friendships Edit

Background Edit

Background of your character, go into as much detail as you desire.

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