Claudia Anne Maria
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NameClaudia Anne Maria
BirthdayDecember 29th
HometownDublin, Ireland
ParentsSabel Maria, Christopher James
Professional life
RankD Rank
OOC information

Claudia Anne Maria left her family home after accidently murdering her parents in a house fire at twelve years old, she escaped to a nunnery where she seeked forgiveness from her parents and her God. Born and raised in a Christian belief, she questions her faith and looks for her proof of God or if there are more than one God. Her memories of the murder haunts her every waking moment inwhich causes her doubt in religion. If God was so merciful why would He make her suffer so much? It was just an accident. No one knows her background, and she doesnt intend on telling why she is here, she was accepted on the ship because of my religious background. She keeps to herself alot due to the rule "just be seen not heard". Because of this conflict within herself she starts to open up alot more the more she is around this strange group she barely knows. This is her way of finding herself again.

Talents and SkillsEdit Edit

  • Element Bending, she is strong with Earth bending but has troubles with the rest (when she discovers her powers)
  • Wield Magic (when discovered)
  • Singing
  • Seeing the future of her own life in dreams (de ja vu)
  • Reading other languages

WeaponsEdit Edit

  • A bladed staff that her father gave her. She doesn't know it's purpose. She never used it but she carries it around just in case.

Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit Edit

  • Not yet known

Education and Intelligence BackgroundEdit Edit

She has education about her Catholic beliefs, literacy, music. It's frowned upon for her to know anything more.

GoalsEdit Edit

She wants to discover who she really is.

PersonalityEdit Edit

Claudia was and is quiet, tranquil, caring, but to herself. She now has a thirst for adventure, she want to plunge into the unknown mysterious.

WeaknessesEdit Edit

  • Talking about her parents
  • Doesn't fight
  • She doesn't understand science

BeliefsEdit Edit

Jesus Christ (maybe? She's not sure what to believe)

AppearanceEdit Edit

Claudia wears a long, dress that may compromise her connection to God. It shows too much skin and she wears her long, platinum blonde hair down. A rose rests gently in her hair as a symbol of love. She has a small, doll like face and fragile body. The look on her face is serious and emotionless and it looks as though her eyes are constantly about to shed tears. Lights that surrounds her reflects into her striking blue eyes. She wears around her neck the necklace her mother given to her when she was nine. In her hand she holds a bladed staff that her father passed down to her, also, on her ninth birthday.

RelationshipsEdit Edit

Parents Deceased Edit

BackgroundEdit Edit

Read the top of the page.

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