Brycer Melia came to the ship by stow-away, eventually finding herself in the engine room! This is where she has decided to stay, and become one of the ship's engineers and repair woman. She has recently befriended Sly, and Rae! She is a bubbly person, and always the first to break the ice. A kind girl at heart, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty at all. A young and small girl of only six-teen, it is hard for her to stay noticable amongst the taller folk on the ship.

Talents and SkillsEdit

  • She likes to play the piano, but mostly works on cogs and small repairs.
  • Is great at hand to hand combat, and uses her small stature to her advantage


  • Prefers to use her large wrench, which is almost as big as her.
  • Brass knuckles

Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Very fast, and excellent at dodging. Throws a punch that can break bones pretty easily.

Education and Intelligence BackgroundEdit

While Brycer doesn't have any formal schooling, her intelligence is ranked amongst geniuses. She can quickly learn to do any skill (non-magical, she has no magic blood), and adapt to her surroundings.


She wants to one day become either the captain of the Septimo, but more likely wants to become the head engineer of the ship. Short term, she'd like to continue making friends and possibly find a love interest one day.


Brycer is always the cheery one in a room, even in bad storms. She constantly tries to keep people happy, knowing how hard it is to smile. She doesn't mind a challenge, and in fact is the first one to step up to the plate to fight for what she believes in.


If some one took away her friends and threatened them, she would be willing to do anything.

Her short stature can be a weakness as well.

She's human, therefore succeptible to magic, long range weapons, etc.


She believes in herself, and in her friends. She doesn't really believe in any gods, but her mind is always open to new ideas.


Short girl, around 5'3. She has bubble gum pink hair, and a lean body. Normally she has an eye patch, but her eyes are perfectly fine. (She headbutts people in combat with the spiked patch) Her red and gray suit reveal her stomach, but it is very skin tight.



Sly is her best friend on the ship, and she's willing to kill for him already. She is also friendly with the new vampire, Rae. She's fond of Abel, and isn't afraid of being physically affectionate with any of those three.


Lives mostly in the engine rooms, and is a highly technical mechanic down there. She isn't very picky when it comes to visitors to her small quarters though.

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