Profile Edit

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Full Name: Barachiel Ramiel Rheyms
Nicknames: "Chiel" is the most common shortened instance

his name.

Race: Half-Demon (Human)
Age: 27
Birthday: May 12th
Nationality: Swedish
Home town: Malmö, Sweden
Parents: Vincent Rheyms - Father [Status: Deceased]

Aria Rheyms - Mother [Status: Deceased]

Siblings: Ariel Rheyms - Sister (Twin) [Status: Missing]
Children: N/A

Talents and Skills Edit

  • Born into the Rheyms Family, Barachiel and his sister Ariel were both taught at a young age to be combat-orientated individuals. Even after the early deaths of his parents those closely knitted with the family resumed teaching him and his sister the ways of warfare.
  • As a child Barachiel had learned to play piano in his free time, frequently skipping out of duties that had to be done to play upon the instrument. In the home to which he lived, there were two large pianos. One was located within the main entrance room of the building and the other was out on a covered porch that overlooked a field of various herbs, flowers, and other plants. To him playing at the piano that faced the field of plants aided him in focusing and becoming one with the melodies he played.
  • Although a lot of individuals tend to assume the Rheyms Family are uneducated, it is just the opposite. In any time in which was it was not time for recreation or combat training, those within the family would spend that time studying anything from common academics like mathematics to military tactics.

Weapons Edit

  • Gungnir (Literal Translation: "Swaying One") - A spear that is the physical manifestation of Barachiel's mystical abilities. The weapon has a series of runes written upon it, supposedly each being ones that bring strength and good health to those exposed to them. Centered within a ring upon the spear is a constantly rotating sphere, this object is noted to cause a slight charge to be constantly moving throughout the weapon. The charge seems to have no effect on Barachiel but anyone who has ever tried to take hold of the weapon was immediately stricken with vast amounts of electrical charges, enough to quickly dispatch of those strong enough to survive the shock.
  • Dainsleif (Literal Translation: "Dainn's Legacy" / "Death") - A sword that is an alternate manifestation of Barachiel's power, the weapon can not be forged if Gungnir is presently active. The weapon is feared to those who are aware of it but is even more feared by it's own user, Barachiel. Just as the fabled arm has been spoken of in tales, Barachiel's Dainsleif can not be dispatched of until the blade has taken the life another. Wounds inflicted by this weapon are said to never fully heal and instead give off a residual energy that the blade itself is able to find almost anywhere. The weapon is also said to cause a huge psychological toll on the user even if it should finally be sheathed.

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