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A hidden town. After it was destroyed Decenia ago maps were altered to cover up the place had ever existed. Originally the town was inhabited by Maori demons, a group of people dedicated to do what Ventura created them for: to obliterate the Caoul and bring destruction to the world. A huge battle took place at the village and after a lot of losses the Battle Angels managed to destroy the demons living there but not all was cleansed. The strongest Ashanians got together to put a massive illusion over the place and on the charts it is now known as a mountainous area.

Upon breaking through the illusion of the mountain one will find a ruined, dusty village no sunlight has touched for decenia. The stone buildings still stand but the foundations have mostly crumbled, other parts lying in complete ruin. Layers and layers of dust cover the ground and the only building still standing is a big, temple-like building in the middle of the village giving up an eerie vibe, more so then the rest of the place.

Behind the temple's ceremonial table is a hidden passageway, leading down deep into the ground. Here the spirits of the demons still linger. The Yurei, as called by the Ashanians, will try to latch onto anyone treading their ground to try and get out of the illusion to finish the work they started: to destroy the Caoul.

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