Angels are bound to remain in the 4th ring of Faeros or must release all their powers to go down to earth however once handing over their Angelic powers they are classed as fallen and are unable to return. Once they reach into the realm of earth they become mortal and are no longer invulnerable. Typically depicted with white wings, Angels upon earth are invisible to the eyes of those who live upon Morpheus. Regeneration is lost when the angel comes from the heavens down to earth. Angels themselves cannot travel through earth without loosing their angelic appearance and can only travel between Faeros and Morpheus when given commands by the rightful higher authorities.

There is no current example of an Angel.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are beings of almost pure light and are extremely powerful.
  • They harness the ability of flight.
  • They are allowed to pass between Faeros and Morpheus.


  • They can be easily corrupted by even the smallest amount of Maori influence.
  • They loose their powers and angelic appearance when travelling between Faeros and Morpheus.
  • Unlike lore says, They are not regenerative beings/



Cauol or Maori: Cauol
Origins: 4th Ring of Faeros (Heaven)
Average Lifespan:  Ageless
Average I.Q.:  135
Average Height:  6'5" 
Average Weight:  450lbs
Average Strength:  Massive
Average Speed:  150 Mph (In flight)
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Data

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